Supreme Overlord

Name: Holly Race

Positions for the Event: HST, Supreme Overlord of Coffee, Decision Maker in Chief

Org Positions: HST, Sub-Coord (x5), Marketing Guru

Player of: Lilly Dubois, former Harpy of Cincinnati; Purple, Malkavian-Anti Seer and Guardian of Crayons and Kittens; Siobhan, Gangrel-Anti and grandchilde of Balthazar

NPCs Portrayed: Cardinal Anka, Priestess of Thorns; Dark Selina, Brujah-Anti soon-to-be Loyalist

Member of the org since: 1995

Marketing Goddess, Coffee Addict, Best Bitch Ever


Size comparison between Minion #2 and Supreme Overlord


Minion #3

Name: Kevin Wilhite

Positions for the event: AST, Understudy to Tall-Guy-in-Chief, Class Clown

Org Positions: AST (x3), Sub-coord (x3), Historian

Player of: Ambrose “Sonny” Milton, Shameful former Archon ; Balthazar Swearengen, Archbishop of Nod; Andrei Gress, Shadowlord Theurge

Member of OWbN since 1995

Worshiper of the Almighty Jack and All-Around Good Guy

Minion #2

Name: Michael Obszarski

Positions for the Event: AST, Tall-Guy-in-Chief, Money Wizard

Org Position: AST of Pander’s Playground

Player of: Sterling Scion, Paladin to Cardinal Anka

Member of OWbN since mumblemumble”longtimeago”mumblemumble

Husband, Dad, Superhero

Minion #1

Name: Danielle Frink

Positions for Event: AST, Website monkey, Marketing Assistant, Decorating Helper-in-Chief

Org Positions: HST, CM, Player Rep, Sub-coord (x5)

Player of: Sonja Bratovitch (Archbishop of Kentucky, PPG), Chris Bellows (Brujah, SoC), Maggie ‘Farida’ Williams (Silent Strider Sept Beta, RAF)

Member of OWbN since 1995

Mom of one 19 year-old young man

Hotel Information

Get your room booked early!! The block rate currently ends on March 9, 2017.

UPDATE: Hotel rooms are all booked currently! Please check back with us in March, as there is another group that has a block of rooms reserved – if their block does not fill up, those rooms will be added to our block!

Check out the sneak peeks section for some photos of the game site!

Courtyard Hamilton

1 Riverfront Plaza
Hamilton, OH  45011
Room rates:
1 King-sized bed (includes regular sofa)- $109/night
2 Queen-sized beds – $119/night
Book by clicking here!


If you are interested in booking a King suite, which includes a fold out sofa-bed, or by using your Marriott Rewards, contact the hotel directly at +1-513-896-6200 and mention One World By Night. Please also reach out to the Ecumenical Council V Staff at so that we can make sure your room is added to our room count!

Meet the Staff!

Large OWbN events are a great time, but figuring out who is actually on the event staff can often be a pain. Even with badges, or glow-sticks, or matching t-shirts, it can be difficult to spot a staff member when you need one for a rules clarification or to oversee a scene. On the other hand, sometimes a Coordinator who is just there to play can spend most of the night being bombarded by questions or asked to step out-of-character “for a minute” to help figure out something.

Problem solved! We will be posting pictures and a brief blurb about each member of the Ecumenical Council V staff – from the Pander’s Playground storytellers and staff to the various Coordinators and sub-coords who will join the local team for the event. We want everyone to have a good time, and knowing who is and is not on the event’s staff can help make sure that happens!

Check back often!