Character Sheets!

The deadline for sheet submission is March 24th. If you use Grapevine, please send sheets (in .rtf form) to

Good news for our Puppet Prince folks! Pander’s Playground now has their own chronicle on Puppet Prince. Please submit those sheets here but also submit an email to to notify us as well, so that we can make sure all sheets are successfully submitted!

Additional reminder – Pre-registration ends on March 25th! Get in on the lower price of $30 by using our Pre-registration page!


Supreme Overlord

Name: Holly Race

Positions for the Event: HST, Supreme Overlord of Coffee, Decision Maker in Chief

Org Positions: HST, Sub-Coord (x5), Marketing Guru

Player of: Lilly Dubois, former Harpy of Cincinnati; Purple, Malkavian-Anti Seer and Guardian of Crayons and Kittens; Siobhan, Gangrel-Anti and grandchilde of Balthazar

NPCs Portrayed: Cardinal Anka, Priestess of Thorns; Dark Selina, Brujah-Anti soon-to-be Loyalist

Member of the org since: 1995

Marketing Goddess, Coffee Addict, Best Bitch Ever


Size comparison between Minion #2 and Supreme Overlord


Q: How do I make sure that everyone that was covered under my PayPal payment are listed as pre-registered for the event?

A: Send an email to the EC event email with the name the payment was under and the names of everyone who were paid for.


Q: I am a Marriott Rewards member and would like to use my points towards my room. How do I do that and make sure that the event gets credit for the room?

A: Book your room as you would normally with your Rewards membership, and then send your confirmation information and name to the EC event email. Use the subject “Booked Room with Rewards” so we can make sure it gets added to our list.


Q: I see that there are King Suite rooms available. Can I book one of these for the event instead?

A: Absolutely! Just book the room through the hotel’s main website and send your confirmation information and name to the EC event email. Use the subject “Booked King Suite” so we can make sure it gets added to our list.


Q: I am flying in to Cincinnati – is there someone available to give me a ride to and from the hotel?

A: As we get closer to the event, we will have a better idea of which of our players will be available to give rides to folks, but I highly recommend those who are flying to share that on the Facebook group. It may be a better plan to share a rental car or taxi, depending on how many people will be flying in and how many are available to drive folks around. Besides, getting some of the local culture and food might be a fun thing to do during the day!

Minion #3

Name: Kevin Wilhite

Positions for the event: AST, Understudy to Tall-Guy-in-Chief, Class Clown

Org Positions: AST (x3), Sub-coord (x3), Historian

Player of: Ambrose “Sonny” Milton, Shameful former Archon ; Balthazar Swearengen, Archbishop of Nod; Andrei Gress, Shadowlord Theurge

Member of OWbN since 1995

Worshiper of the Almighty Jack and All-Around Good Guy


Early bird Pre-registration (available through the end of January)


Pre-registration (February 1, 2017 to March 25, 2017)


Cost at the door


Minion #2

Name: Michael Obszarski

Positions for the Event: AST, Tall-Guy-in-Chief, Money Wizard

Org Position: AST of Pander’s Playground

Player of: Sterling Scion, Paladin to Cardinal Anka

Member of OWbN since mumblemumble”longtimeago”mumblemumble

Husband, Dad, Superhero

Minion #1

Name: Danielle Frink

Positions for Event: AST, Website monkey, Marketing Assistant, Decorating Helper-in-Chief

Org Positions: HST, CM, Player Rep, Sub-coord (x5)

Player of: Sonja Bratovitch (Archbishop of Kentucky, PPG), Chris Bellows (Brujah, SoC), Maggie ‘Farida’ Williams (Silent Strider Sept Beta, RAF)

Member of OWbN since 1995

Mom of one 19 year-old young man

Hotel Information

Get your room booked early!! The block rate currently ends on March 9, 2017.

UPDATE: Hotel rooms are all booked currently! Please check back with us in March, as there is another group that has a block of rooms reserved – if their block does not fill up, those rooms will be added to our block!

Check out the sneak peeks section for some photos of the game site!

Courtyard Hamilton

1 Riverfront Plaza
Hamilton, OH  45011
Room rates:
1 King-sized bed (includes regular sofa)- $109/night
2 Queen-sized beds – $119/night
Book by clicking here!


If you are interested in booking a King suite, which includes a fold out sofa-bed, or by using your Marriott Rewards, contact the hotel directly at +1-513-896-6200 and mention One World By Night. Please also reach out to the Ecumenical Council V Staff at so that we can make sure your room is added to our room count!

Meet the Staff!

Large OWbN events are a great time, but figuring out who is actually on the event staff can often be a pain. Even with badges, or glow-sticks, or matching t-shirts, it can be difficult to spot a staff member when you need one for a rules clarification or to oversee a scene. On the other hand, sometimes a Coordinator who is just there to play can spend most of the night being bombarded by questions or asked to step out-of-character “for a minute” to help figure out something.

Problem solved! We will be posting pictures and a brief blurb about each member of the Ecumenical Council V staff – from the Pander’s Playground storytellers and staff to the various Coordinators and sub-coords who will join the local team for the event. We want everyone to have a good time, and knowing who is and is not on the event’s staff can help make sure that happens!

Check back often!

Sneak Peeks

Excited to be hosting Ecumenical Council again, the Pander’s Playground staff is hard at work making plans for amazing decorations to transform our site from this incredible hotel to the hallowed halls of the Sabbat in Mexico City. We will post these peeks from time to time so everyone can see what is in store for them March 31st thru April 1st.



These chandeliers are amazing!!


The sign-in area. In the back on the right hand side of the picture, our secret weapon – a stocked and staffed bar!


This firepit is one of our favorite features of the gated outdoor patio area. Other highlights include multiple entrances to the area, fully-enclosed so drinks can be taken outside, and plenty of seating!


Another fabulous feature of our outdoor area – the view!!