Meet the Staff!

Large OWbN events are a great time, but figuring out who is actually on the event staff can often be a pain. Even with badges, or glow-sticks, or matching t-shirts, it can be difficult to spot a staff member when you need one for a rules clarification or to oversee a scene. On the other hand, sometimes a Coordinator who is just there to play can spend most of the night being bombarded by questions or asked to step out-of-character “for a minute” to help figure out something.

Problem solved! We will be posting pictures and a brief blurb about each member of the Ecumenical Council V staff – from the Pander’s Playground storytellers and staff to the various Coordinators and sub-coords who will join the local team for the event. We want everyone to have a good time, and knowing who is and is not on the event’s staff can help make sure that happens!

Check back often!


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